The Americas, also known as the New World, are the combined continental landmasses of North America and South America in the Western Hemisphere.

More than 900 million people live in the Americas (about 13.5% of the human population), the most populous countries are the United States, Brazil, and Mexico.

In North America, the third largest country is Canada with a population of 35 million.

In South America, the second largest country is Argentina with a population of 42 million.

We invite you see some of our trip routs of the beautiful places we visited in North America.

NYC Chicago Los Angeles San Francisco Miami-Florida Las vegas Washington DC Canada-Emerald Lake Quebec City Toronto Montreal Ottawa Vancouver Mexico-El Castillo, Chichen Itza Mexico-Cancun Brazil-Rio de Janeiro-Christ on Corcovado Mt. Brazil-Iguazu Falls Argentina-Buenos Aires-Avenida 9 De Julio Argentina Argentina-Iguazu falls Argentina-El Calafate-Perito Moreno Glacier
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