In the continent of Europe there are 50 countries and states, the largest is Russia and the smallest is the Vatican in Rome. Although Europe is the smallest continent, it is one of the most populated continents with more than 731 million inhabitants which are 11% of the world total population.

Europe is the cradle of the western culture, civilization and the democratic world started in ancient Greece and Rome more than 2,000 years ago.

With more than one billion visitors a year Europe offers a variety of beautiful natural and manmade sights.

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We invite you see some of our trip routs of the beautiful places we visited in Europe.

Italy-Firenze Austria-Hallstatt Germany-Berlin France-Paris England-London Spain-Madrid Switzerland-Lucerne Belgium-Brussels Holland-Amsterdam Greece-Acropolis Czech Republic-Prague Poland-Krakow Hungary-Budapest Slovenia-Bled Croatia-Plitvice
  • firenze
  • hallstat
  • berlin
  • paris
  • london
  • madrid
  • lucerne
  • brussels
  • amsterdam
  • athena
  • prague
  • krakow
  • budapest
  • bled
  • plitvice